Student Employment Opportunity: The Arch Ambassador - Summer 2023




Job Description: The position of Arch Ambassador provides peer leadership through experiential learning activities for their Arch cohort students. Ambassadors are responsible for learning about local events, providing information to their peers about on and off-campus happenings, and serve as lead for local trips as well as assist RPI faculty and staff in facilitating established Arch events on-campus. Additionally, Arch Ambassadors are active in creating connections with their peers to foster an interactive and supportive cohort environment. 

The Arch Ambassadors are supervised by the Director of Arch within the Division of Student Life and will have collaborative working relationships with Arch student-staff in Living & Learning. Arch Ambassadors are selected based on their ability to work well with others, communicate effectively, and demonstrate advanced time management. Ambassadors must display public relations skills and maturity of judgment. Additionally, Ambassadors need to have patience, flexibility, strong organizational skills, and be willing to learn. Student employees will undergo specific training and professional development opportunities to develop their peer leadership skills throughout the summer. 

Qualifications: Students eligible for Arch Ambassador positions must be enrolled in the Arch summer term, or be former participants of the Arch summer term.

Minimum Qualification Skills and Abilities: 

  • Strong organizational skills 
  • Ability to work with diverse population of college peers 
  • Understanding of personal leadership 
  • Demonstrated skills in improvisation, flexibility, and conflict resolution 
  • Strong oral and written communication skills 
  • Ability to create fun interactive environments 
  • Allocate funds correctly and general financial conduct
  • Possesses mentorship characteristics and a desire to lead 

Instructions for Applying: Students interested in a position should submit a resume and cover via the job posting available on Handshake. Applications are due by Friday April 21, 2023 by close of business. Interviews and selection will take place April 24th – April 28th. If you have any questions about the position or application, please email 

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