Summer Resource Contacts

Summer Resources

Counseling Center- Hours 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM – Academy Hall 4100 -518-276-6479

Additional Counseling services BHS Services to supplement Counseling Center, Rensselaer has Call (518) 276-8888 to speak with a licensed clinical professional from the BHS program 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Students can also access BHS resources and live chat features online at: (Username: Rensselaer)

ALAC – Jeannie Steigler, Director -4246 Academy Hall 518-276-6269 or –academic support (tutoring, time management, study & test taking skills)

TA Office hours & Tutoring schedule: 

Arch News and Events - 

Arch Operations & Student Transitions;  Jade Felder, Director; 1528 15th Street- 518-276-6655

Arch Academic Programs, Tiffany Powell, - -Walker lab 4010- 518-276-2244

Center of Career &Professional Development, Philip Bruce, Director-  suite DCC 209- 518-276-6234

Center of Gravity schedule - 

Disability Services – Claire Mahoney, Director -Academy Hall 518- 276 -8197 

Learning Skills Specialist- Arielle Roberts- Academy Hall 4246 –

Class Dean, Jessica Saccardi- 518-276-8022 – (EWS follow-up, process leaves & returning students, support socially and academic wellbeing of the sophomore class)

Dean of Students, Aaron Youmans Associate Dean 4629 Academy Hall -518-276-6266 ( academic dishonesty, judicial review, sts rights & responsibilities)  

ISSS (International Student & Scholar Services) Mary Nellis, Director 1528 15th street 518-276-4966- –Immigration, travel and US employment compliance

Study Abroad, Karen Dvorak, Program Manager- 518-276-3411




MANE- Kate Stockton- JEC 2012- 518-276-3014

ECSE- Rama Hamarneh SR. Student Svcs.–  JEC 6007 518-276-8557

SOE Advising Hub- Karen Lewis - Manager- JEC 3306 

Eng. Advising- Dana Chichester- STs Service Manager JEC 3018 -518-276 4860

Matt Oehlschlaeger & Kurt Anderson  Associate Deans – JEC 3018  


Chad Christensen, Manager of Science Hub,; 1107 Empire State Hall X8079

Lee Ligon, Associate Dean of Science,  JROWL 1C05 518-276-3458


Kristin Bergene, Manager of HASS Hub- 4307 Sage 518-276-6575

Brett Fajen, Associate Dean,  4 Sage

Lally School of Business & Management 

Kevin Fletcher, Director of Undergrad Programs, – 3200 Pitts 518 276-2343

Aparna Gupta, Associate Dean,, 3102 Pitts -518 -276-7756 

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