Arch Exception Process

Students are required to attend Rensselaer the summer after their second year, followed by a semester-away experience (as dictated by their program) during their third year or their entering class year. Students with extenuating circumstances for the summer semester may apply for an Arch exception to be reviewed for opting out of the summer portion of the institute requirement. All students are still required to complete a semester-away experience.

Students with a career-related Arch exception, fulfill the semester-away term requirement by completing their opportunity through the exception received and registration completed via an official transcript of record in ILEA 4400.

The Exception Process has four categories of submission including:

Please Note: There is no guarantee an exception will be granted by simply filing, but rather identifies a student's unique concern to be mitigated.

Exception Process Guidelines

  1. The Exception Process has only four categories allowed for exception: Academic , Career, Athletic, and ROTC.
  2. The rationale for an exception must adequately answer this question: How does my situation prevent me from participating in The Arch?
  3. In the event you receive an exception (for any area other than career-related), you are still required to complete an Away-Semester experience prior to graduation from the Institute. There are no exceptions.
  4. All sophomores are required to complete the Arch Exploration and Planning course, through CCPD, regardless of exception.
  5. The Exception Review Committee does not review or render a decision regarding concerns of Student Health and/or Finances. Any submissions which cite concerns related to the aforementioned will be referred to the appropriate office for follow-up and mitigation of concerns.
  6. A formal notification with a decision rendered is sent, via RPI email, to any student who has submitted a form to the Exception Review Committee. All decisions will be sent on a rolling basis.  Additionally, the following departments on campus will be notified of the decisions:
    1. The Arch/Student Transitions
    2. Athletics
    3. ROTC
    4. CCPD
    5. Undergraduate Education
    6. Registrar
    7. Office of Financial Aid
    8. Associate Dean of the School for the student’s primary degree

Contact with questions regarding Academic, ROTC or Athletic exceptions.

Contact for Career-related exceptions. 

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