Career Development

In collaboration with academic departments, employers, and alumni, the Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) offers workshops to prepare students for their semester away and, ultimately, a career or graduate school.

Our career-readiness programs are designed to further provide in-depth knowledge about career fields, develop career management skills (e.g., resume writing, interview prepara­tion), and facilitate networking with alumni and industry partners. Individual and personal support is also offered to navigate Arch away options.

Sample career-development workshops include:

Semester-Away Search Plan - Preparation is the key! During this workshop, students are exposed to an in-depth search process that calls for critical thinking, networking, tracking, and solidifying. Creating a search plan is the blueprint for securing a great opportunity.

Semester-Away Resources – This is an opportunity for students to learn about the primary resources exclusively available to Rensselaer students to assist with their semester-away search. These resources are a valuable part of making connections to external constituents.

LinkedIn Lab – Students will learn how to leverage their LinkedIn platform to begin building their professional network to connect with potential employers.

Resume Critiques – Students have the opportunity to align their resumes to meet the demands of the market, add a competitive edge, and effectively communicate their unique student experience. This workshop walks students through the formalities of career-ready resumes.

Career Fair Prep – During this workshop, the CCPD provides the tools necessary for students to effectively interact with employers through interviewing tips and how to maximize their potential in a robust environment. Career fairs are hosted by Athletics, CCPD, NSBE/SHPE, and each school at Rensselaer.

Workshop Topics:

  • Semester-Away Search Plan
  • Semester-Away Resources
  • Virtual Career Fair
  • LinkedIn Lab
  • Resume Critiques
  • Career Fair Prep
  • Career Communities
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