International Experience

The world beyond Rensselaer awaits through study abroad, international exchange and other academic opportunities abroad. Students may participate in an affiliated exchange program with a partner university or enroll in a non-affiliated study abroad program at institutions worldwide. 

Planning, Application, and Registration for Academic Experience Abroad

Daniel Kang posing in front of a body of water in France
Daniel Kang '20
Biomedical engineering major with a concentration in mechanics

For Daniel's Semester Away he decided to enhanced his academic portfolio by attending Télécom Physique in Strasbourg, France.

Télécom Physique is a French engineering school that was established in 1970. Areas of study include image processing and computer vision; software and network engineering; automation and robotics; biophysics; electronics; photonics; and physics and modeling. 

In addition to the courses Kang took, he also secured a research opportunity with ICube Laboratories on the Multiscale Materials and Biomechanics team.

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Headshot of Grayson Gerlick
Grayson Gerlich '20
Biomedical Engineering

Grayson Gerlich ’20, a biomedical engineering major with an imaging and instrumentation concentration, secured a spring semester away research internship at the Center for Structural Biochemistry (CBS) in Montpellier, France.

Throughout his research internship, Gerlich was able to apply his imaging knowledge from his major to perform cutting-edge experiments with his team. “At the risk of sounding cliché, my spring away opportunity was the most influential moment in my life so far,” said Gerlich.

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