Pop-up Courses

Pop-up courses are dynamic, short-term classes. Lasting one day, one weekend, or just a few weeks, these experiential courses bring students and faculty together to explore new ideas and different approaches to the critical issues of our time. Examples include:

  • Demography in a Nutshell
  • Clinical Ethics - The Ethics of Medicine
  • Learn the Basics of Italian
  • This Is Us: The Lens Through Which I See
  • Advanced Nanostructured Materials Employing Block Copolymers
  • Life in a Startup Company
  • Introduction to Microfluidic Technology
  • Green Chemistry and Sustainability
  • Learning Russian
  • Introduction to Smath/Mathcad for Nuclear Engineers
  • Introduction to Design Thinking for Non-Designers (and Designers!)
  • History of Film
  • Introduction to Blockchain Enabled Supply Chains
  • The Seven Deadly Risks of Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Humanity
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