Varsity Student-Athlete Exception Review

Intercollegiate student-athletes have a special opportunity to participate in the complete experience of being a Rensselaer student while also representing the Institution on the field, court, track, or in the pool. By planning ahead, utilizing the abundant campus resources available, and communicating with coaches and other athletic department staff members, student-athletes can take full advantage of all the tremendous experiences The Arch offers.

The Arch Athletics Requirement - All Athletes

All athletes are required to complete the Arch Exploration and Planning course regardless of their determined status as a result of the exception process. This required online spring-semester course for all currently enrolled Rensselaer sophomores provides essential career competencies to maximize success in future professional endeavors. Students will automatically be registered in the spring term. If you have questions about the course, email the CCPD at

All athletes must also satisfy an away-semester experience, regardless of an exception. The athletic exception is only applied to participation in the Arch summer semester. Students should work with their coaches and the Office of Undergraduate Education to determine a satisfactory away experience.

Student-Athlete Responsibility

It is the responsibility of every student-athlete to submit their exception request. Once the form has been submitted, you will receive a receipt of submission confirmation. Please keep this for your records. When the exception process concludes, all students will receive a formal notification letter of Arch Exception Decision via their RPI email account. If there are any discrepancies with your submission, the Athletics Compliance Specialist will be notified.

Categories for Exceptions

Students involved in an athletic program, if requested, may receive an exception if their athletic responsibility interferes with the completion of The Arch summer semester ONLY.  Even with a granted exception from The Arch summer semester, all athletes are required to complete an away semester, which can be satisfied during an available summer.

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